LUXURY HOTEL & SPA MANAGEMENT LTD: The difference between the ordinary and the extra ordinary is the little extra


Whilst many years ago hotels prided themselves with golden tabs, luxury soap bars and fluffy towel wear, we strongly believe this has become standards altogether. In a world of hustle and bustle, restless chasing from one appointment to the next, the truly qualities of life are

  • space, room and views
  • quietness, tranquility and relaxation
  • time to do things that have been pushed aside for so long
  • health and fitness
  • safety and coziness
  • regain the feel of being truly pampered in style, discreet and attentive

Hospitality is not only industry but foremost art - the art of living well. Too often though, hospitality industry becomes the long arm of entertainment industry and largely lacks the authenticity, the passion and sincere wish of caring.

It is our dedication to create within each property we are allowed to care for a haven of true luxury where one finds the key to an unforgettable experience. It is our goal to establish a collection of authentic retreats where a friend awaits you no matter the time or the place…

Luxury Hotel Spa Management
Truly yours

Marc Aeberhard
lic. rer. pol. & hotelier EHL
President & Managing Director