LUXURY HOTEL & SPA MANAGEMENT LTD: The difference between the ordinary and the extra ordinary is the little extra

Identify the Uniqueness

There are countless luxury hotels in the world, maybe even in your town. We do not want to become simply another luxury hotel in town. We want to be THE place to be, a destination in its own.
A lot of time though is spent in understanding or creating the uniqueness of the property. What makes our place special? Who and what has written history? Where can we fill why-questions? And most important: why should I come and stay over?

What is the Vision?

In two short and specific sentences one has to distill the essence of what our ultimate aim, our dream is.

Create the Concept

The concept is the menu that puts our aims in words and eventually fulfills our dream. It is the mind that will be used to create the soul and the aura of the property.

Elaborate an Operation Strategy

This is the recipe book: It will help us to create course by course of our menu to achieve our aims and goals by breaking the various topics into tasks.

The Sales & Marketing Strategy

A German proverb says: “Tue Gutes und sprich davon…” Do some good and talk about it. In order to achieve the demand in the markets it is vital to position the property in the right markets with the right message and the right tools at the right time. The luxury market and media scene is fairly spoilt, and on the constant hunt of newsworthy places, events and concepts. To create the curiosity in the market by virtuously playing all the keys of the Communication Mix piano combined with a strong representation in the adequate distribution channels, electronic as well as conventional, it is the spice that assures the tastiness of our menu and the demand that will fill the rooms and seats in our hotel and restaurant.

The Budgets

The question is: can we afford our menu? It is vital to keep a close track of the expenses not only in the early planning stage but also during the pre-opening and once operational. The two key information packs that will be elaborated are: the pre-opening budget and the operations budget for the first 12 months. It has to be outlined, that the launch of a luxury property is costly and before one can harvest one has to be prepared to sew. A well looked after and carefully prepared project tends to easily honor the initial investment by a lush and fruitful harvest. Patience and perseverance are crucial.

The Organization Chart and Flow

The organization chart is the skeleton of the body that helps us to identify the who-is-who and who-does-what within the property. It is a useful tool to keep overview and control. It will gradually become the managerial grid and determines the chain of command.

The Time Plan

Opening a unique luxury hotel is like giving birth to a child: each one has its own pace, challenges and rhythm. The better the planning the more careful the anticipation of needs, tasks and project steps is and the more precise time constraints are met, the easier the opening will become and the faster one can access the markets and roll out the property to the public.


Once the property is open, the job has only just begun: it is all about assuring the implementation of policies and operation procedures have to be synchronized, to become routine and to allow the soul of the hotel to fully unfold in order to match with the expectations of owner, operator, partner and the guest.