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Social and Ecological Responsibility

Triple Bottom Line

Is a company acting ethically correct, the media will never be your enemy ! In contrary: They will praise you, even the most critical ones. Acting economically, socially and ecologically correct, will become a major PR-advantage.

A healthy company needs profits as for the major public to be interested in the financial performance of your company and the share-holder-value. But one will also ask how has the company earned its money? The focus is on "triple bottom line - accounting", thus expanding the traditional company reporting framework and to take into account environmental and social performance in addition to financial performance is what is expected from decent business entities. The three pillars of success are: People, Planet and Profit.

In hospitality business terms this means acting responsible towards:

Guests: Always be honest and never promise, what you are not able to provide. (under promise, over deliver):

  • Pictures and texts in prospects are not beautified and glorified.
  • Staff makes realistic promises towards guests (time perspectives etc.).
  • Guests get value for money.

Employees, associates. The most valuable assets of a company are motivated and loyal associates.

  • Salaries are to be fair.
  • Working conditions are to be good and healthy.
  • Accommodation is to be suitable and should allow creative the feel of home and guarantee private sphere of each and everyone.
  • Constant training and motivation, career planning and development
  • Extra curricular Incentives (staff-parties, sports days, excursions, etc.).
  • Additional benefits (off-time-activities, medical benefits etc.)

Business partners: A strong and reliable network of business contacts and partners allow efficient and long term relations :

  • Fair conditions.
  • Acknowledgement and preference of especially ecological and social responsible partners.
  • HACCP chain to be extended to F&B suppliers

Local embedding in Society: A company is never to be seen isolated, The local surroundings very often have a lot to offer; follow the concept of a healthy village life where one respectfully gives and takes:

  • Reasonable percentage of staff is of local origin.
  • Whenever a local business partner is suitable, then he is preferred over an external partner.
  • The hotel is running humanitarian or charitable projects, which benefits the local society or is supporting existing projects.
  • Actively participate in village, town activities

Environment: Mother Nature is literally the branch we are sitting on, to cut or damage it means to cut off ones very immediate survival: Take into account the 3R's - reduction, re-use, recycling and recovery.

Whenever possible, try to reduce waste of water, energy, material (hardware and debris of construction or building sites) but also food, cleaning materials, chemicals etc.

If waste is produced, reuse wherever practicable. Paper can easily be re-used for back of house operation, a battery for a walky-talky may still be perfectly ok for the air condition remote control, debris in one place my serve wonderful as under-liner or landfill in an other place.

Recycling is the third option, is to be considered for any waste which can neither be reduced nor re-used. Hand in hand with recycling goes the responsible collection and proper disposal of recycled materials. Paper, Glass, aluminium, metal, batteries, plastic, PET etc. are formidable resources for material and goods

Prefer local products (Lower waste of energy in regards of transportation).

Prefer products from business partners, which are produced in an eco-friendly, sustainable and / or organic manner.

Prefer the use of alternative sources of energy, wind, water, thermal sources or solar energy have a huge potential and contribute to a clean and reduced CO2 environment

The summary of all initiatives is to reach a balanced or even negative carbon-dioxide foot print.

The LHSM approach:

  • Audits to evaluate the actual performance of the hotel in regards to triple bottom line performance (Development of taylor-made questionnaires, including specific instruments of measurement)
  • Development of strategy how to improve (reducing, recycling, list of alternative (eco- and social) waste and energy management as well assists with the search and selection of suitable business partners, creates staff schemes and, develops social sustainable projects).
  • Development of PR-strategies, which focus on the communication of achievements of triple bottom line performance and the carbon-dioxide foot print, including planning and producing of communication-tools and collaterals (brochures, movies). LSHM maintains excellent relations to most of the important Travel- and economy media worldwide as well as leading international charity organizations and NGO's.
  • Training of sustainable management philosophies