Frégate Island Private, Seychelles

One of the most discerned luxury retreats in the world with 16 spacious villas and the Frégate House for creative international dining, the Plantation House for authentic Créole Cuisine. The Hotel features an outstanding wine list and offers one of the most elaborate spirit menus in the Indian Ocean. A signature Sake selection is implemented. The Resort furthermore features a the award winning Rock Spa, various sports and water sports activities, has 7 private beaches and is re-known for its plantation, growing pure organic fruits and vegetables. The conservation projects include the salvation of the practically extinct Magpie Robin, the re-setting of endemic forest and jungle all over the island as well as the conservation of land and sea- turtles: Frégate Island Private hosts the second biggest population of Seychellois tortoises in the World. The Hotel features an outstanding one-on-one butler service and has become the retreat for the rich and famous of the world.